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Celebrations, the Mulberry way!

It's been a memorable 2022 where we completed 4 decades as Mulberry. Even as we head into weaving a new visual experience on our website for 2023, here is a recap of our celebrations of unique days in the year gone by, that reflects how we artfully weave even our greetings with the same care as our fabrics! 


Happy Republic Day

26 Jan

India celebrates today what we as Mulberry aim to offer with our fabrics all year around - unity and diversity.
Little wonder than that we share 8 alphabets that both make our brand name MULBERRY and describe the celebration of our country today, as a REPUBLIC.
Happy Republic Day!

Happy Makar Sankranti

14 Jan

Today the fertile lands across India celebrate the harvesting festival of Sankranti, that marks auspicious beginnings of a new year and the arrival of Spring!
We as Mulberry, a brand known for SEWING FESTIVITY, celebrate this occasion known for SOWING FESTIVITY and wish you and your loved ones the happiest Makar Sankranti and it's many celebratory names across the country.

International Thank you Day

11 Jan

We are fortunate to have your patronage that gives us the opportunity to create exquisite fabrics. While our fabrics themselves speak, there is one thing we would like to say as Mulberry to you with this post, today being International Thank You Day!

Happy New Year

01 Jan

As we enter a new year defined by time,
best wishes from makers of fabric that is timeless. Mulberry wishes you and your loved ones a 2023 that weaves joy, togetherness, prosperity and success into each day ahead.
Happy New Year, and even as we march ahead, inviting you to view our video wall of 'art'felt greetings created in the year gone by, as shared in this specially created greeting attached alongside. Thank you for being there for us.

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Unlike most things in life, the joys, togetherness and celebration of Christmas come with no CLAUSE attached, except one, who makes it truly merry! 
It is this festivity and joy with no clause to quality or variety, that we as Mulberry aim to provide to your every requirement of fabric! 
Wishing a very merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Mathematics Day

22 Dec

As the year ends to remind us that time is finite, we celebrate today that is called Mathmatics Day in honour of 'the man who knew infinity' - mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan! At Mulberry, we strive to go beyond the finiteness that defines time to recognize infinity in potential, possibilities and standards.

International Mountain Day

11 Dec

Mountains provide the valuable life lesson that the best views belong to those who persist to scale the summit. Keeping this in mind has always motivated us for 40 years as Mulberry, to be at the top of our trade, whatever the challenge.

What better day to remember this than today, International Mountain Day! We salute and celebrate these majestic forms of nature.

World Computer Literacy Day

02 Dec

At Mulberry we believe our transformation is in our hands. Literally!

And what better example of touching transformation today than when we reach out to our computers.  They weave our comnection to the world as intricately as fibre is woven to fabric. For this transformation they can bring, we encourage and celebrate  computers today, on World Computer Literacy Day.

With that, transformation is just hands distance away!

World Hello Day

21 Nov

Without this, humans truly would be all at sea, so it's really appropriate today is dedicated to this word as World HELLO Day.


Do remember to take out time today to say hello to atleast ten people, known or new, and bring the world closer to you in the way only this word can!

Children's Day   

14 Nov

Yes, we spin enjoyable yarn in a masterful way to create the finest fabrics, but few yarns are as enjoyably spun as who today celebrates!

An animated clip dedicated to the animated little ones who illuminate our life!

In today's world there is one word that sails many ships - Relationships, partnerships, friendships!

World Common Sense Day

04 Nov

Today is celebrated worldwide as - Use your Common Sense Day 😇

As Mulberry, our fabrics may be in pursuit of the uncommon, but we believe this 'common' virtue is definitely one that could make the world a better place!

World Internet Day

29 Oct

Today's world is INclusive, INvolving, INformative and IN touch, it's all because of the INternet.

Mulberry celebrates the presence of this life altering technology IN our lives today, on World INternet day.

Diwali Day

24 Oct

Diwali is an occasion for family, friends and loved ones to GATHER and celebrate like no other in India. We as Mulberry, wish you the very best gatherings that bring love and happiness to your lives.

Today we turn Forty years NEW.

NEW has always been the focus at MULBERRY. New directions. New standards. New markets. New challenges. For FORTY years we have strived and succeeded in our pursuit of NEW.

Today, as we enter our fifth decade, we reNEW our commitment to bringing YOU the NEW. *Starting with a NEW LOGO to represent us.* For at forty we see infinite possibilities ahead. Together, we can and we will!

For we are all about the NEW.

For we are MULBERRY!

Mulberry Turns 40

19 Oct

World Standards Day

14 Oct

While winning at what one does is important, we as Mulberry believe it is equally important to set standards.

Today, on World Standards Day, we wish every business in the world the ability to rise beyond being standard and set standards as a shared vision for a better world!


05 Oct

After the NINE days of festivity called Navratri, comes the TENTH day, a culmination of rituals and grandness that is best represented by the scale of it's celebrations in our home state of Karnataka.

The majestic elephants represent the peak splendor of DUSSEHRA- the TENTH day, and we are only too pleased to extend our heartiest wishes while celebrating a word that anchors much of what Mulberry Silks takes inspiration from - TEN!

World Coffee Day

01 Oct

What MULBERRY has been doing for 4 decades is inspired by what another berry that people love has been doing for centuries!

Today we celebrate a 'berry' good day, that is as awakening and rejuvenating a sensory experience as Mulberry fabrics strives to be

World Heart Day

29 Sep

Our fabrics have received a lot of love in the past 40 years and what better occasion than today - World Heart Day, to share how we endeavor to make it possible.

We as Mulberry, thank and are grateful for your hearty support!

World Rhino Day

22 Sep

For 4 decades, our success has been built on the fact that we rise to every challenge. At Mulberry, NO is not an option however tough the challenge. Ironically though, what inspires us, ends with a NO!

This wish celebrates today that is dedicated to our inspiration for toughness. Aren't you curious to see what that is?

Queen Elizabeth Condolences

08 Sep

Though we shared the title that began with an M and ended with a Y, her impression on the world has been truly admirable and unparalleled.

Our he'artfelt' condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who may have ruled a nation but won hearts across the world.

Ganesh Chaturthi

30 Aug

While our fabrics can FURNISH YOUR HOME with a great sense of well being, it is believed Lord Ganesha can FURNISH YOUR ENTIRE LIFE with the same!

Mulberry Silks wishes you all the love and support from this much loved God, on today's special occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi 

World Fashion Day

21 Aug

We as Mulberry Silks, have for decades attempted to be ABLE about FASHION.  Because our customers are FASHIONABLE!

Wishing the fashionable you, all the right style and smiles on this day and beyond!

Left Hander Day

13 Aug

We couldn't think of a better day to acknowledge this than today - international LEFT handers day. Putting our RIGHT and LEFT hand together to clap for all the LEFT handed aspects that make life remarkable.

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